Hayes Shutters invests heavily in the latest and best technology in crafting its shutters. Why?? Because this means that Hayes Shutters are the best that money can buy! Technology means faster turn around, less waste, and the best quality – quality that is even better than that done by hand!

First, mitigating human error is a top priority. One example is that on many of the machines, Hayes craftsmen use measuring devices called Tiger Stops, rather than standard measuring tape. The devices are programmed to be accurate within 1/64th of an inch. This means that the shutters are always a perfect fit and the shutters install smoothly and efficiently.

Next, Hayes Shutters uses machinery that has built in measuring capabilities. Since there must always be 1/16th of an inch between the louvers and the stiles, this capability provides optimal accuracy. This means that the shutters provide better shading and noticeable smoother operation.

Even the frame of the shutter is made with the most advanced technology available. Hayes Shutters has invested heavily to purchase machinery to get the cleanest cut possible and to ensure that the angles are a true 45 degrees each and every time. If the angles on a frame are off in any way, it is extremely noticeable and it means that installation takes longer due to a poor fit. Additionally, this provides for a perfect fit for the dove tail key that is used to join the frame pieces together. There is virtually no caulking required thus maximizing the shutters durability.

In the next step of the assembly of a shutter, the louvers and rods are attached to one another. This is all done by machine as well so that all drilling and stapling is done exactly on center (to within 1/24th of an inch). Again, this virtual perfection means that the shutters open and close smoothly for many more years of use with less wear and tear.

Even the glue that Hayes Shutters uses is the best. This glue is an industrial strength glue that costs a considerable amount more than standard wood glues, but David feels that even this small detail is worth it in crafting durable and beautiful shutters.

Because of the accuracy provided by the technology that Hayes Shutters has invested in, Hayes can produce shutters much more quickly. This equals a much shorter lead time. Machinery and processes run concurrently making the turnaround that much quicker. Additionally, shutters almost never have to be re-done due to human error and they are easier to build and assemble.

Technology also means that since the pieces of the shutters fit together better, they are less susceptible to heat and moisture so they won’t warp or crack. It also means less binding when the shutters are in use. A Hayes Shutter never needs to be forced and always opens easily so that there is much less pressure put on the moving parts of the shutter. Hayes shutters are built to last a lifetime!

The advanced technology also means that there is very little waste. Hayes Shutters has a waste factor of less than 8%. The competition cannot even come close. Because of the dramatic reduction in waste, costs are significantly reduced and Hayes Shutters passes on those savings to their dealers and consumers.

Finally, David really enjoys having his dealers visit the shop. One of his largest dealer recently said that he was actually “floored” by the technology and hadn’t seen anything like it at any other shutter manufacturers, confirmation that Hayes Shutters leads the way in the use of technology in crafting the most beautiful and durable shutters on the market today.