If you have ever owned a home or office that featured specialty shaped windows, you know first hand how difficult it can be to find the right window covering. Blinds may not properly cover the entire window, and curtains tend to cover up much more than you want, hiding the architectural beauty of the window frame. Custom wood shutters are an excellent solution, and at Hayes Shutters, we have your commercial and residential window treatment needs covered. Call us at 706-671-2837 today to learn more about our high-quality window shutters.

In today’s post, we’ll review five different types of specialty window shapes and explain why shutters are the window covering of choice for odd-shaped windows. Read on to learn more!

Five Types of Specialty Windows

Residential and commercial windows come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve reviewed a few of the more common specialty window shapes below.


Often a striking architectural detail on long walls, these windows usually have the shape of a triangle or a trapezoid. It is not uncommon to find them in rooms with wide cathedral ceilings, and if the high point of the ceiling runs through the center of the room, two angle-top windows can be placed back to back to create the appearance of one large window.


Older homes often feature these stunning architectural designs in doorways and windows, and in recent years, this old-world style has made quite the come back in window manufacturing. Palladian arches are commonly seen in new construction, featuring a large, arch-top center window that has shorter, rectangular windows on each side. Gothic arches, also known as cathedral arches, have become very desirable for homeowners as well.


These specialty shaped windows include the soft, half-circle of arched windows with an extra touch of elegance. Rather than the sides of the arch flowing smoothly into the vertical window frame, they flare out at the bottom as a bell would. The result is a unique window shape that lends itself to a Victorian appearance.


In stark contrast to the smooth, flowing lines of arch and bell-top windows, octagon-shaped windows add an element of visual interest in a room like no other window can. Octagonal windows can vary in size and are versatile enough to blend into any type of home or design scheme. With their sharp angles and eight sides, these windows can be challenging to cover properly.


Having a similar shape to angle-top windows, quarter round windows resemble triangular pieces of pie. This type of window features a straight horizontal base with one straight vertical side, and these lengths are connected by a curved upper frame. When placed side by side, two quarter round windows form larger window that has a half-circle shape.

None of these specialty windows feature the straight edges and 90-degree angles you would expect to find with a traditional square or rectangular window, and that can make it difficult to find the right type of window covering for them. At Hayes Shutters, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind wood shutters for any interior window. Browse our shutter types now!

Why Choose Custom Wood Interior Shutters?

It might seem easiest to cover your specialty windows with blinds, curtains, or some other type of window covering, but custom wood shutters are a superior choice for many reasons.

  • Privacy: When you try to cover odd-shaped windows with traditional window treatments, you may be left with gaps in coverage. Custom-made shutters will fit the window opening perfectly, providing you with enhanced privacy.
  • Durability: Store-bought window coverings can be flimsy and poorly constructed because of mass manufacturing methods. Wood shutters will last far longer than other materials, allowing your windows to be beautiful for years to come.
  • Easy Operation: Traditional window treatments feature ties, pull cords, and other mechanisms that tend to break with extended use. These features also pose a safety risk to young children. Wood shutters are easy to use and safe for your family.
  • Aesthetics: Store-bought window coverings may not properly fit your specialty window opening, and they may give odd-shaped windows a messy, unfinished look. Custom shutters fit perfectly, providing the seamless beauty you want from window treatments.

Industry-Leading Custom Wood Shutters Manufacturer

Are you tired of trying to find the right type of window covering for your specialty window in stores? If so, you’ll be happy to know there is a solution. When you purchase a set of high-quality, custom wood shutters from Hayes Shutters, you’ll never have to worry about ill-fitting window treatments again. With decades of experience, we combine old-world quality and new-world craftsmanship to deliver a superior window covering that blinds and curtains just can’t compete with. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about how you can benefit from having Hayes Shutters installed in your home. We look forward to speaking with you!