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Solid PVC Faux Wood Shutters

Hayes Solid Poly shutters offer the look and feel of wood shutters made from durable solid PVC components. With its unique wood shutter like construction, our Poly shutter offers true water resistance, making it a perfect choice for bath and shower areas. Point of differentiation: Our shutters are solid-core PVC, not hollow vinyl, as hollow pvc materials tend to yellow and become brittle over time.


  • Material: All solid poly
  • Louver size: 3½” or 2½”
  • Custom Panel Dimensions: 7” to 36” width, 9” to 96” height
  • Colors: any white, off white
  • Custom Shapes: Arches, Sunbursts, French Door Cut outs and more.
  • Frames: 2L frame, 238L frame, 1.25Z frame, Deco Z Frame
  • Mulls: flat mulls and T mulls
  • All shutters from Hayes are covered by a lifetime warranty